Julian Williams shot by former partner: Julius Cobbett – investigations journalist, Moneyweb

30 Jul

Julius Cobbett

Author:  Julius Cobbett

Publications: MoneyWeb

Date Published: 30 July 2012

A rather creepy story from Moneyweb’s ‘Cockroach’.


ALEC HOGG: Let’s pick up with Mr Cobbett. Jules, it is a creepy story. It’s to do with two fellows based in the Cape – money managers. They start with Julian Williams. He is a fairly dodgy character – was involved in the initial stages of Wesizwe Platinum. Take us through the story there.

JULIUS COBBETT: Ja, it might be a bit premature to say that he’s dodgy…

ALEC HOGG: It was dodgy at that stage, everybody knows that. They went into the platteland, raised money. Mike Solomon had to come in, remember, with Wesizwe, try and formalise it, make it a little more reputable, list on the stock market, and so on. So from that side it was fairly dodgy. The guy is dead now, so…

JULIUS COBBETT: Well, he’s got a colourful history and I think a lot will come out in due course. Julian Williams, like you said, was involved with Wesizwe and he started a company called Basileus Capital, which today employs nearly 50 people. And he started a whole bunch of small companies which he then sold stakes in, some of them to a listed company called BK1.

ALEC HOGG: You were busy engaging with him – why?

JULIUS COBBETT: The focus of my investigation was an entity called The Relative Value Arbitrage Fund which, as far as I know is not a fund at all. And it’s got none of the checks and balances in place that you would expect from an ordinary investment. I was alerted to this thing by the relative of an investor earlier this year, and then later some financial advisers contacted me as well. They had clients invested in the fund, and they were concerned.

ALEC HOGG: The fund was doing what?

To read the rest of the interview


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