Herman Pretorius: Clarity on the Financial Services Board’s investigation

10 Aug

Author Unknown

Publications: Consumer Gateways

Date Published: 10 August 2012

In the wake of the shooting by Mr Herman Pretorius (“Pretorius”) in Cape Town, with indications of massive losses to investors that invested in his schemes, the Financial Services Board (“FSB”) would like to offer some perspectives on the regulator’s actions and investigations which it could legally have done and did do with respect to the business activities of the late Pretorius.

There have been varying concerns expressed and questions raised from the media and the industry, all of which the FSB understands to be ultimately focused on the likely losses to be suffered by investors arising from the activities of Pretorius and culminating in his death. To the extent that the questions have been raised and the concerns have been expressed in the interests of investors, the socio-economic effects of the losses to investors and the public interest, the FSB takes to heart all the concerns that have been expressed and …….

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