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FSB News

10 Oct

Two recent artiles on the FSB. In the moneyweb artiles the FSB is struggling to pass candidates  for the  Financial Services Board’s (FSB) FAIS regulatory exam.  The deadline has yet again being postponed for a further six months.

Solidarity has asked for a moratorium on all examinations for financial advisers. Their accusation claims that due to poor management from the FSB, only about 68% of  representatives have passed the exam by the beginning of June.

Read the articles:

Financial reps struggling to pass FSB exams

PRETORIA – Financial representatives are struggling to pass the Financial Services Board’s (FSB) FAIS regulatory exam. Two weeks before the deadline for those who have written at least once, but failed (September 30), the FSB has announced that the deadline will be extended by another six months.

The extension comes after the FSB stated on numerous occasions that it will not ……… (Read More)

Union calls for moratorium on FSB regulatory exams

PRETORIA – Trade Union Solidarity has handed a memorandum to the Financial Services Board (FSB) that calls for a moratorium of at least a year on all regulatory examinations for financial advisers.

The first deadline for financial advisers to write the regulatory exams was the end of June, but various ……… (Read More)