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‘FSB needs more powers to stop bad behaviour’

18 Nov

Author: Bruce Cameron

Publications: iOL

Date Published: 18 November 2012

…….. Momoniat also wants the FSB to be allowed to make on-site visits to unregulated entities that could be operating unlawfully.

(Recently, the FSB did not take pre-emptive action against asset manager, Herman Pretorius who ran a R1.8-billion Ponzi scheme, which has since collapsed, because the FSB  said it was an unregulated product and did not have the powers to intervene. Pretorius fatally shot himself and an associate, Julian Williams, when the FSB did eventually take action.)

Momoniat says he is particularly concerned about how people such as J Arthur Brown in the Fidentia case and Simon Nash (executive chairman of appliance company Cadac) “abuse the legal system to delay their trials”, and also attempt to discredit the regulators in an effort to reduce the charges against themselves……….

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