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Deaths expose troubled business at Basileus Capital

17 Aug


Publications: M&G

Date Publiched: 17 August 2012

Deaths expose troubled business at Basileus Capital

Investigations have suggested that Basileus Capital was already treading water before the death of Julian Williams.

The empire of slain businessman Julian Williams appears poised for collapse, following the announcement that his Basileus Capital group has initiated “business rescue proceedings”.

Business rescue is an alternative to liquidation provided for under the updated …………….

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Julian Williams’ murder follows murky alloy deals

3 Aug


Publications: M&G

Date Published: 03 August 2012

A deadly dispute between former partners follows accusations of the misappropriation of funds. Sam Sole and Lionel Faull report.

Millions invested by the Industrial Development Corporation in a venture linked to arms deal offsets is at risk as the fallout spreads following the killing of venture capitalist Julian Williams.

The IDC invested R35-million in a politically connected entity called Avalloy, the same company at the centre of the dispute that appears to have led to Williams’s murder on July 26. He was shot at the Cape Town office of his company, Basileus Capital, following a confrontation with his former business partner, an unregistered investment manager called Herman Pretorius.

Pretorius then seems to have turned the gun on himself. He died later in hospital.

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